Larry Webb CEO of The New Home Company’s Questionable Behavior

by Mary P.

H. Lawrence Webb (Larry Webb) is the CEO of The New Home Company. He recently did something very strange involving an Orange County court that is causing some to question his decision making ability.

Webb said he had read an author’s true life story and got so scared that he decided he needed to take immediate action against the author because he was sure the author was going to kill him and his family.

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The New Home Company Lawsuits

by Thomas W.

April 2017– Courtwatcher. CEO for The New Home Company, Larry Webb (H. Lawrence Webb) sued for malicious prosecution and harassment in a Los Angeles County superior court based upon his March 2017 filing of a fake TRO.

March 2017– Courtwatcher. Larry Webb, CEO of The New Home Company (aka H. Lawrence Webb) filed a civil harassment restraining petition (a fake TRO) against an author who according to Webb was impersonating a third-party in order to harass Webb and potentially murder him. The reasons given were that the author was a member of the NRA and wrote a memoir about himself in his days with the CIA from forty years ago.

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