Video Review A

by Samuel R.

I have recently left my job at The New Home Company. I could no longer work for the company because of the close association Larry Webb has with Nazi Germany. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I came upon a secret video that was the proud possession of Larry Webb the CEO of The New Home Company. Continue reading “Video Review A”

Video Review C

by Patricia T.

The new home company never told us that the house they sold us was right across the street from the number one toxic dump site in the state.  My husband and I have worked all of our lives to save enough money to buy a new home.  And shortly after we moved in my husband became very ill and has never quite recovered even years later. Continue reading “Video Review C”

Video Review D

by Darnell Bakers

I would suggest but you definitely pass on buying hey house from the new company. But if you have to make sure you have a thorough inspection because you cannot believe anything that they say. My mother is a senior citizen they really ripped her off.

The people who run the new-home company should be in jail for ripping off the elderly. Continue reading “Video Review D”