The people running The New Home Company are crud

by Daniel T. and Mrs. Betty T.

We were going to buy a home from The New Home Company but we thought it might be a good idea to talk to the neighbors next door. After hearing the horror stories about how they were treated by The New Home Company and their lying sales reps we couldn’t in good conscience buy anything from these people who would treat people with such disrespect.

I worked for The New Home Company and had to quit.

by D.

While I was working at the Valencia housing project there were a lot of complaints about the continual noise and fumes from our construction site. Every time I told my bosses about the complaints from the senior citizens living next-door they just smiled and said it was being taken care of.

Then one day I heard about an elderly deaf man who was also complaining about being poisoned by the fumes from our trucks and how he had to end up moving from his home that he put his life savings into. I heard he lost a lot of money because at that time prices were way down. I felt so bad I just had to move to another job.

Yelp Review

by Darina H.

My husband and I went to visit the New Home Company’s collections at Folsom also known as the “Trails at Folsom”. We are newlyweds looking to buy a home in the Folsom and El Dorado Hills area. Our friends suggested that we take a look at the properties here since they were brand new and they had floor plans available for any type of family. Continue reading “Yelp Review”