CEO H. Lawrence Webb Gases Holocaust Survivor’s Home.

by Abby E.

I do a lot of research on the Holocaust and the remaining survivors so when I came across a story about a guy named H. Lawrence Webb, he likes to be called Larry Webb, ordering a Holocaust survivor’s home to be gassed with toxic fumes I almost fell out of my chair. The story from many of the senior citizens who live within a few feet of where Larry Webb and his company The New Home Company were building new homes is that they put a giant water tank a few feet away from these senior citizens mobile home park. And when the water trucks would would fill up their tanks they would sit idling for 10 or 12 hours every day for months flooding the senior citizen homes with heavy Diesel fumes.

In the very beginning when the people who lived in the holocaust survivors home complained it was said that Larry Webb didn’t want to move the tank to another area because it would cost over $1,000.

Then there were all the other heavy earth moving trucks and equipment running 12 to 14 hours a day running on dirty diesel and shoving dirt and heavy chemicals and particles down senior citizens throats and turning their houses, cars and sheds into filthy garbage traps. The noise was drove the folks crazy.

I believe this is one hell of a story which I will continue to investigate. I’ll come back with updates.

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