Consumer Report: Yellen

by James M.

I have seen and experienced firsthand how The New Home Company treats people – especially their homeowners. Do yourself a favor and find another home builder. The New Home Co. will not keep their promises. They will beat you up on any and all work that needs to be done on your new home after the ink dries on your contract. Do NOT believe anything that they tell you. They will not make repairs in good faith after you purchase your home.

I would especially be careful with the structural aspect of your home. Get an engineering report just to be sure the structure of your home is sound. Get the grading report for the grounds around your home. Chances are good if you had to wait a long time for your landscaping to be put in you will have grading issues. Have your sump pump and underdrain video scoped as an added measure. For a few hundred dollars you can save yourself $30,000. New Home Co will look the other way if there are structural damages or drainage issues on your property and they have no problem passing the costs associated with these issues onto the homebuyer if they think they can get away with it and they will try. New Home co. has no shame in making the homebuyer responsible for their poor workmanship.

If you want to save yourself some headache and constant bullying from your homebuilder buy from a reputable homebuilder NOT New Home Co.. You will be saving yourself thousands of dollars and months/years of headaches. It’s a roll of the dice with these people. The New Home Co has little integrity and no loyalty to their homebuyers and they lose no sleep passing thousands of dollars of repairs onto their customers.

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