NWHM Gasses a Veteran and his wife.

by Andrew E.

I’m a reporter and blogger and years ago I had met one of the best investigative reporters in news. He told me about a veteran who had a wonderful story about his 10 years in black ops. I wanted to do an interview and as we got to know each other I learned that he and his wife had been gassed with toxic diesel fumes for many months as a result of The New Home Company construction and placing a water tank just a few feet from their house.

Dozens of diesel trucks worked on the property running their engines nonstop for 12 hours a day and the other ones would idle their engines as they filled up with water so the people’s homes would get flooded with diesel fumes every day over those many months. After complaining numerous times to the manager of the construction project the veteran was told that a Mr. Webb was not going to move the water tank because it would waste too much time and cost too much money.

I could tell when talking to the veteran how sick he was and how his wife who is more fragile was extremely ill. I lost contact for some time and later heard that Larry Webb who is the CEO of The New Home Company then sued the veteran and his sick wife to shut them up.

I tried to talk to Webb and others at The New Home Company, but was told to go fuck myself.

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