Yelp Review: Folsom, CA

by Parth D.

I would like to share my experience with New Home Company at Chaparral at Blackstone El Dorado Hills, I had worst experience ever at this place, only one sales person here and most rude person ever seen. I went there in the month of November to look for new house, I looked model homes and looked good to me, so I talked to Sales representative there and asked for available houses in the plan that I liked. Continue reading “Yelp Review: Folsom, CA”

Villa Metro Fake Zip Code

by Sarah

Villa Metro is in Santa Clarita with a zip code of 91350 and it’s almost on the border of Canyon Country. So to make people feel better about where they were going to live when they buy their homes, they got the city to call the location Valencia which is more upscale.

It’s not Valencia! But happy living in Villa Metro, right next to a small soccer stadium with screaming kids 12 hours every day, right across the street from railroad tracks with Amtrak and cargo trains that blare horns all day and night and right across from a toxic dump site. I wish I could hurry up and sell the lousy home I bought because of their lies.

The New Home Company is a great company.

by Linda G.

I’ve been working for The New Home Company for over three years and have seen the management treat employees as well as customers with great respect. I don’t know where all this negative talk is coming from and I have never heard anyone refer to the company or Mr. Webb in a derogatory fashion before reading some of these posts. Mr. Webb is a great boss.

The people running The New Home Company are crud

by Daniel T. and Mrs. Betty T.

We were going to buy a home from The New Home Company but we thought it might be a good idea to talk to the neighbors next door. After hearing the horror stories about how they were treated by The New Home Company and their lying sales reps we couldn’t in good conscience buy anything from these people who would treat people with such disrespect.

CEO Larry Webb knew about the toxic dump site across street from Villa Metro.

by Smith

I was working at The New Home Company when they were looking for locations to build a housing project in Valencia, California. They found a perfect location but it was across the street from what is the nation’s most toxic dumpsites.

People were saying that the CEO and other top guys of the company were very excited because the land was going to be cheap because of the toxic land across the street. So they all knew obviously about the poisonous land across the street that I think even had a lot of deadly munitions chemicals and even some nuclear waste buried in the dirt. I pity the poor people who got duped into buying homes in that area.

Video Review C

by Patricia T.

The new home company never told us that the house they sold us was right across the street from the number one toxic dump site in the state.  My husband and I have worked all of our lives to save enough money to buy a new home.  And shortly after we moved in my husband became very ill and has never quite recovered even years later. Continue reading “Video Review C”

I worked for The New Home Company and had to quit.

by D.

While I was working at the Valencia housing project there were a lot of complaints about the continual noise and fumes from our construction site. Every time I told my bosses about the complaints from the senior citizens living next-door they just smiled and said it was being taken care of.

Then one day I heard about an elderly deaf man who was also complaining about being poisoned by the fumes from our trucks and how he had to end up moving from his home that he put his life savings into. I heard he lost a lot of money because at that time prices were way down. I felt so bad I just had to move to another job.

Video Review D

by Darnell Bakers

I would suggest but you definitely pass on buying hey house from the new company. But if you have to make sure you have a thorough inspection because you cannot believe anything that they say. My mother is a senior citizen they really ripped her off.

The people who run the new-home company should be in jail for ripping off the elderly. Continue reading “Video Review D”

NWHM Gasses a Veteran and his wife.

by Andrew E.

I’m a reporter and blogger and years ago I had met one of the best investigative reporters in news. He told me about a veteran who had a wonderful story about his 10 years in black ops. I wanted to do an interview and as we got to know each other I learned that he and his wife had been gassed with toxic diesel fumes for many months as a result of The New Home Company construction and placing a water tank just a few feet from their house. Continue reading “NWHM Gasses a Veteran and his wife.”