It’s true, about H. Lawrence Webb gassed a Holocaust Survivor.

by Thomas

I lived down the street from Barry Spanjaard the Holocaust survivor and his wife Bunny. They were wonderful people and Barry would be turning in his grave if he knew that his home was being gassed by a man who seems to admire the Nazis.

The new home company built hundreds of homes right next to us. Why did they have to pick Mr. Spanjaard’s home as if it was a target for their hate. I was lucky that I only got a little bit of the gassing. People in Mr. Spanjaard’s home got hit with all of the diesel fumes for months.

I had to end up moving after they refuse to put up any safety measures to stop the wind from carrying all the paint and stucco they sprayed over onto our homes and cars.

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  1. I live in Greenbrier next-door to the New Home Company construction and the stucco was all over my car. And when I complained they wanted to give me a coupon for a car wash. The car wash is not going to remove stucco which ruined my paint job or the stucco all over my house.

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