Video Review A

by Samuel R.

I have recently left my job at The New Home Company. I could no longer work for the company because of the close association Larry Webb has with Nazi Germany. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I came upon a secret video that was the proud possession of Larry Webb the CEO of The New Home Company.

I was totally disgusted and now knew why Mr. Webb and his associates treated people like garbage. Especially the people that bought their homes.

Following is H. Lawrence Webb’s Secret Video.

English translation:

“I am so pleased to have been chosen by my fellow officers to congratulate Fuhrer Webb. He once again has crushed anyone standing in the way of the company thereby increasing our profits. And congratulations for dealing with those pesky neighbors next door. Also, special thanks goes out to all the employees who work so hard to silent those who want a free ride. One family moved and another senior citizen is preparing to move. What a great year!”

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