Yelp Review

by Darina H.

My husband and I went to visit the New Home Company’s collections at Folsom also known as the “Trails at Folsom”. We are newlyweds looking to buy a home in the Folsom and El Dorado Hills area. Our friends suggested that we take a look at the properties here since they were brand new and they had floor plans available for any type of family.

We went into the main office / model home for the Trails at Folsom and we were greeted by a sales representative of the company. He told us about the homes plans, price points, what was included, when lots would be available and more. He was filled with a good amount of information. He mentioned that if we put our names into their system, we could get a time stamp for when we registered and could possibly get onto the waiting list for future homes/lots in the Folsom area that were being built. The three different home plans were nice, we liked plan 1 the most because of the open space.

The sales rep, however, definitely rubbed me to the wrong way. I sensed a huge layer of egotism and extremely unpersonable, was not friendly and seemed like he had repeated the same information to people 1000x. When I asked where the restrooms were the sales rep pointed at the bush outside and told me to go there. He laughed saying it was joke and I didn’t find it amusing. I don’t care how crazy the housing market it, I wont be recommending this company to any of my friends or family.

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