Yelp Review: Folsom, CA

by Parth D.

I would like to share my experience with New Home Company at Chaparral at Blackstone El Dorado Hills, I had worst experience ever at this place, only one sales person here and most rude person ever seen. I went there in the month of November to look for new house, I looked model homes and looked good to me, so I talked to Sales representative there and asked for available houses in the plan that I liked. She gave me list and showed me the house which was under construction, she offered me that if i like i can put check and due to year end they can give 15K discount on listed price + make basic backyard for me, only thing she said is packages are selected so i will have to take same thing, so i agreed to it.

Then i asked what are the packages included in it, so she gave me printed document. it was saying this has 36K upgrades, but when i checked house price they had listed without upgrades it was 436000 and price is 490000, so i just asked simple question, if price is 436000 and 36000 upgrades then it should be 472000, how it comes to 490000, so without giving me attention, so just rudely replied it is like that only, i again requested calmly 2 times can you please explain, she was still not giving any importance like she is the only boss, after one more request she finally looked her document and found the issue.

1. Lot the she was showing me was listing Model 2 and they had built model 1 there which was cheaper but she was still selling it with Model 2 + Upgrade price, so i was right they had 18000 Mistake in it, she finally accepted the mistake and said she will change price sheet.

After price correction she was not happy with us. she said we will not get 10000 lender credit if we want this house, we said its ok and we provided our offer and she said she will check with higher management for price and she will check for back yard thing a well but that was not mentioned in paper she got signed from us.

We requested to get details in Upgrades included, someone who can explain what those listed things means, she she asked us to talk to design center person, She called us in 2 days saying management is ready for that price and we will have to come and sign by monday and we said we will come saturday it self dont want to wait till monday, so we scheduled design center appointment and asked questions,

Sales person mentioned us there will be dual color paint but design center person was not aware of it. Document provided by sales person mentioned upgraded secondary bathroom but design center was unaware of it, and there are few more, so design center person suggested us to talk to sales person again and said she can only tell those details.

We went on Saturday to sign official contract, so before signing contract we wanted to clarify doubts that we had ,so we asked questions, so her first response was, you already met design center person, why are you still asking questions, we said she refereed us to you, so she calmed a little, after asked above 2 questions she said what ever is selected that only you get(so no clear reply), we said its ok move on, we asked another question that can we upgrade fridge/washer/dryer by paying whatever extra, she responded just sell on craigslist and get new one(Who give answer like sell on craigslist for new things), we still kept calm and said its ok let move on and started signing contract, then we asked what happened to Backyard thing that you mentioned you will check, she said she will check earlier then her answer was again she will check, so now obviously we were scared of her and her bully attitude, we requested her to put that in contract that or she can check and we will come back by monday before offer expires, so she changed her statement saying your offer will expire in 30 min if you don’t sign, so she was just forcing us to all her terms like bully. we said you mentioned we have time till monday, so why don’t you check, so she said you are trying to renegotiate, we calmly said we didn’t said anything about price at all, just asking to write clearly in contract which your sales flyer mentioned about that lot house, so she was kind of angry and said you are playing game, IS IT WRONG to ask question? IS IT WRONG TO KEEP CONTRACT CLEAR FOR YOUR SAFETY? I just walked from there without saying anything with decision that I WILL NEVER BUY HOME HERE as from beginning she was behaving rude thought i agreed to all terms she had mentioned or even she had changed her own statements.

Another friend of mine also mentioned me same type of experience, so Later I just decided to mention this matter to NWHC at least, so after few calls i found number of Sales Team manager after 2 week effort but guess what HER BOSS was like her only, without asking anything he just started saying Ashley mentioned you were renegotiating, I really got upset, withing talking to me or asking me he just gave statement, Who in the world doesn’t listen customer at least once, but this is WORST.

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